LC-4  Foot Light Controller

The LC-4 is a lighting control with built-in powerpacks for up to 700 W continuos power per channel. This lighting control switches the 4 channels independentely or one following the other. The lamps are connected directly to the two multicore-outputs.
It operates on a standard 230 V mains-outlet. The LC-4 runs automatically or you operate it by the foot switches. The buttons give access to the different functions: choosing a single channel, turning off all lamps and settings (Black Out), starting the programmes, switching an effect to the outputs. Even the controls for the effects and the running speed can be operated by foot.


Programmes: 16 automatic programmes
4 channels: each separately switchable
Sound to Light: built-in microphone with automatic level adjustment
Flash-Button: all lamps are turned on simultaneously
Running-speed: variable
Mimic: shows the programme visually before it is sent to the outputs
Single step: recall the preset lighting scenes
Black Out: the BO-button immediately clears all settings
Connections: two multicore-outputs
Power: operates on a standard 230 V mains-outlet

Its compact and intuitively comprehensive design togehter with the solid foot-switches make the LC-4 the ideal choice for small orchestras, entertainer and clubs.
Technical Details

Download Operating Manual 94 KB