LUNA 24  Lighting Control Desk

Luna 24 is a 12/24-channel lighting control desk. This state-of-the-art "Lighting Computer" controls small to medium sized lighting installations. It is used in theaters, concert halls, small tv-studios, dancings, and schools. Luna 24 operates in four different modes ranging from manual to fully computerized operation for 24 channels. The desk is easily operated by both professionals and non-professionals. In manual mode the 24 faders control the 24 output-channels individually. The 24 channels can be split into two groups of 12 channels each. One group can then be crossfaded into the other. In memory-mode lighting-scenes are assigned to the 24 faders. These scenes, which were worked out during rehearsal, can be recalled, modified, and saved on stage.


Memory: stores 120 programmable scenes
Chaser: 10 running-lights with 99 steps each
Effects: 10 freely programmable audio-runs
Auto-Fade: automatic crossfade of scenes
Flash-Buttons: used for flash, channel-solo, scene-flash, scene-solo, preview
Blind Mode: preview of the memory-contents
Recall-LEDs: light up in three different colours

Technical Details  
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