LUNA 24  Technical Details

Operating voltage: 220 - 240 V AC / 50 Hz / 0,1 A
DMX-512-output: XLR-connector, 5-pin, format 1990
Audio input: 6,3 mm jack-socket, 3-pin, 50 mV - 30 V RMS / 4,7 kOhm, electrically isolated (with transformer)
MIDI: DIN-socket, 5-pin, IN and OUT/THRU
RS-232: D-SUB-connector, 9-pin
Remote control: 6,3 mm jack-socket, 3-pin
Case: coated steelt
Dimensions: 483 x 350 x 90 mm (WxDxH) = 19" 8 HE
Weight: 5,5 kg / 12 lbs

Additional Features

Editor:. recall and change of the fader-positions
RS-232-interface to save the mixing-data on to a personal computer
DBO Flashbuttons
connector for a two-step footswitch
built-in power-supply
Chaser with 10 programmes and 99 steps each triggered manually or controlled by the sound
DMX-512-interface (channels 1 to 96, 4 patches) and MIDI-interface

The 10 programmable audiosequences can be activated as:
4-channel Sound to Light
running light
a combination
of these modes
The level is adjusted automatically or manually.

Lighting Control Desk LUNA 24