LC-4  Accessories

BAND-LP1 complete 4-channel lighting system.
This professional lighting system contains all that is needed for great show effects. It is assembled, wired and tested - ready to use. The system features a foot light controller LC-4 together with a professional lighting stand and a t-bar, which is equipped with four PAR56 spots holding 300 W lamps, a split-box SB-4-10 with 10 meters of multicore. The system is completed with four filter mounts and four coloured filters.
BAND-LP2 lighting system with 8 lamps on two stands.
same as BAND-LP1, but with two stands, equipped and assembled as mentioned above.
BAND-ZS1 stand with four spots as extension for BAND-LP1.
This stand extends the BAND-LP1. It comes equipped with four spots, completely wired as mentioned above.

PM-7-10 multicor-extension 10m as extension cord to the split-box
STP-7-M connector to LC-4, male
STP-7-F connector to LC-4, female
industry standard connectors with 6 pins + E and rotary seal


S-4-10 4-way splitbox with 10 m multicore
Rugged splitbox made of aluminum with 4 mains sockets, 10 m multicore and industry standard plug with rotary seal.
BS-2 clamps for mounting the splitbox to a stand

4-way splitbox with 10m multicore, including mounting brackets for mounting on a stand with 10 m multicore and industry standard plug with rotary seal.
Technical Details  
Foot Light Controller LC-4